MSL Final Report

Each school receives a comprehensive, custom-tailored final report detailing results for their campus. Your report is designed to help benchmark your students’ learning outcomes against national norms as well as up to four unique peer reference groups (e.g., Carnegie types, selectivity, size).

We provide statistical analyses of the relationships between:

  • student characteristics (e.g., race, socio-economic status, gender)

  • collegiate experiences (e.g., mentoring relationships, student involvement, perceptions of campus climate)

  • educational outcomes

Click here to see an example report from 2015*.

*NOTE:  We are constantly evolving reporting formats and some changes may be integrated  into the 2018 version and beyond.

Debriefing / Consulting Call

After receiving your Final Report, a liaison from the MSL Research team will contact you to schedule a debriefing call.  Your liaison will provide you access to a webinar to help you to read and understand the report.  They will also provide you with a set of questions to complete before your call to help guide the conversation.  Through this process, we hope to provide you with the skills necessary to interpret your data.

Putting Your Data into Practice

You will receive a set of resources to enhance your ability to apply results from the study into educational practice. This includes:

  • A PowerPoint presentation template with information about MSL to help you share your findings on campus

  • Campus data files so you can conduct additional analyses of your data

  • Access to webinars and special sessions at professional association conferences where you can meet with the study researchers, learn more about the national findings, and tap into additional resources