Have you participated in the MSL recently (2018, 2015 or even earlier) and still wondering how to make use of the rich data you have received? 

Suffering from data overload?

If you are not sure where to start (or where to go next), we have a few suggestions:

First, if you participated in the MSL2018 and you have not yet completed your MSL debriefing call, definitely take advantage of that opportunity at your earliest convenience.  This is your time to have MSL research team members entirely focused on your report and your school.  It is included in the MSL participation fee and will only cost you an hour of your time.  If this describes you - you can stop reading now and go schedule your call.  A link to the scheduler is available from within the School Guide.

If you have already completed your debriefing call - or you participated most recently in 2015 or before - read on!

Do not be ashamed, or feel like you should know where to turn next - in fact most institutions that participate in the MSL have a similar concern.  Most just aren't brave enough to admit it.

Schools intend to use the MSL data to develop new programs, justify existing programs, as a baseline for future longitudinal studies, or simply to learn more about where their students are, and identify what areas they may get the most from further instruction.  Turning the report and data into actionable steps can be an overwhelming task.

Many schools find that working with outsiders - who are a few steps away from your institutions - can help tremendously.  A third party perspective often allows you to break through to identify easy steps that may be right under your nose.

The MSL has always made research team members available to consult with institutions who wish to have more assistance in using their data.  We can offer custom consulting agreements to support those needs.  If you are interested in further exploring your MSL reports and data, you may contact your school coordinator - or email us at MSL-LEAD@soundrocket.com or click on the Schedule Appointment button below to schedule a meeting immediately and directly.

Whether it be analytic support, custom reporting requests, or future study design to assess programs, we can develop a custom consulting program to assist you with these needs. If your need goes beyond our areas of expertise, the MSL has an extensive network of researchers and substantive experts who may be the right fit.

Help us help you use your data now!