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Recently, the Journal of College Student Development published John Dugan, Michelle Kusel, & Dawn Simounet’s article that explores transgender students’ experiences in college. With sparse empirical research available on transgender students’ experiences, this research provides new insight into transgender students’ perceptions of and educational outcomes in relation to the collegiate environment.

Abstract: We explored transgender students’ perceptions, engagement, and educational outcomes across 17 dimensions of the collegiate experience. Data were collected as part of a national study and represent a total of 91 transgender-identified college students as well as matching samples of nontransgender LGB and heterosexual peers for comparative purposes. Results suggest some variation within the transgender student population (i.e., male to female, female to male, intersexed) as well as significant differences in perceptions of campus climate and educational outcomes between transgender students and their nontransgender LGB and heterosexual peers.

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