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All too often, leadership educators approach race from a simplistic, static lens. In their recently published article, John Dugan, Corinne Kodama, and Matthew Gehardt call for a more complex examination of the intersection of race and leadership development. Using Collective Racial Esteem (CRE) as a framework, they explore predictors and influences of leadership development based on different racial groups and CRE subdimensions.

Abstract: The purpose of this research was to contribute to the college student leadership literature through a more complex examination of the influences of race on socially responsible leadership development. Data represented 8,510 participants from 101 colleges and universities in the United States. Results provided evidence of the additive value of including measures of collective racial esteem (CRE) above and beyond simple indicators of racial group membership. CRE examines an individual’s self-concept related to membership in a broader racial group and may be used as a correlate of racial identity in assessing the impact of race in quantitative research. Analyses also revealed different predictors of leadership development by racial group, as well as unique influences from subdimensions of CRE, demonstrating the importance of disaggregating data to provide a more complex picture of the influences of race on leadership development. Results offer implications informing educators’ abilities to better target leadership interventions to meet a diverse range of developmental needs.

This a great read for leadership educators who want to better understand the influence of race on leadership development.  You can find the article here.