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Are you planning to attend the 2018 Leadership Educators Institute (LEI) in Orlando, FL next week? (December 9 - 11, 2018) #LEI18

If so, the MSL will be well represented - Check out this lineup!

Leadership Education in Turbulent Times: Where Do We Go From Here?

John Dugan, Ph.D. // Director, Program Quality, Design, & Assessment, The Aspen Institute

Opening Keynote, Sunday, 1:00-2:15pm

A perfect storm of political, community, and scientific pressures is radically reshaping the social fabric of societies across the globe. These disruptions bring to light some of the most damning incongruities between our espoused and actualized values while simultaneously invoking action to restructure society in more equitable and just ways. At few other points in history has the role of leadership education been so imperative. But, what precisely is our role in the current context? How must our practices evolve to best address the current social context? This keynote explores these issues along with offering a number of critical alterations to practice necessary for increasing impact and aligning leadership education with societal needs.

More than Athletics: Leveraging the Big Ten Network for Leadership Development

Courtney Holder // Coordinator, Leadership and Community Service-Learning, University of Maryland, College Park
Adrian Bitton // Assistant Director, Leadership Development & Community Engagement, Northwestern University
Amy Barnes // Clinical Assistant Professor, Ohio State University
Linette Werner // Interim Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life, University of Minnesota
Gayle Spencer // Director, Illinois Leadership Center, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Sunday, 3:45-4:45pm 

Academic and co-curricular leadership educators across the Big Ten established the Leadership Educators Network (LEN) in 2016. Each summer the LEN meets to discuss common challenges, develop strategic collaborations, and share best practices across institutions. In 2018, LEN utilized collective action to support participation in the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL). This session will focus on the process and benefits of creating a cross-institutional network for leadership educators and the collective data and implications from the Big Ten MSL.

Using MSL Data to Inform Your Leadership Practice

Avani Rana // Director, Leadership, The College of New Jersey
John Dugan // Director, Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship and Director, Program Quality, Design, & Assessment

Sunday, 5:00-6:00pm 

For more than a decade, the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership has been a essential resource for assessing the needs and impact of college student leadership. The Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL) was initially conceived as a means to enhance institutional practice by better aligning the theory-research-practice cycle. Using case study examples, this session will allow you to see how you can apply the results of the national assessment on your campus.

Understanding the Current State of Affairs Related to Leadership Development Programs

Steven Mencarini // Associate Dean of Students, Guilford College

Tuesday, 9:45-10:45am 

This session highlights the important findings from the 2015 Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership - Institutional Survey (MSL-IS). This survey of leadership development educators measured the ways that leadership development programs are delivered at colleges & universities. A longitudinal comparison of the 2009 and 2015 MSL-IS results will help participants understand how program delivery has matured and where the field currently stands in terms of alignment with high-impact practices for leadership development.